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Sunday, August 23, 2020



While I will say that you should seek the physical attraction before getting into a relationship, I will also say that it can be deceptive.

Some times in relationship, what you want may be the reason why you will enter into a wrong relationship.

When the weakness of a man is known then his life is exposed and this is why as much as physical attraction is important, understand that it could be deceptive.

Most times in marriage, people don't get all they want in their partner, yet the contentment you find in their lives is rich than having all they want.

While I also understand that when you don't get what you want could be a means of distraction because you now see what you want yet you're hooked to what you don't want.

Please note that as much as having 100% of what you want in your partner, if contentment is lacking in your heart then, you are as good as someone who don't have all they wanted in their partner and are never satisfied.

I must conclude this way that physical attraction does not tell the inner configuration of a person, it just give the judgement of how the person looks and what you may be proud of publicly.

While the inner configuration may take some time to know because we seek the physical attractions that gets our eyes off the inner one. Which later, the inner configuration of such may completely make us hate the physical attraction that we once had.

Tope Akinyele

The Love Transformers


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