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Thursday, July 16, 2020



Everyone desires to find love but they don't know what it takes to keep love. It's important to find love and also understand how to keep love. But, there are few reasons why some relationships don't last into marriage. But, truth be told not all relationshipa MUST end in marriage.

1. MUTUAL COMMITMENT: When people are in a relationship and one is committed to the relationship and the other is not in a relationship that can kill the relationship faster. Mutual commitment in relationships is the strength of any relationship and we must ensure that we're both committed in our relationships. A weak relationship is a relationship that lacks mutual commitment.

2. LACK OF UNDERSTANDING: People who are in a relationship will come from different family backgrounds and this will reveal their individual differences. Even those who came from the same home will still show some differences. But, understanding one another is a beauty of relationship and when this is meaning, it will produce many misunderstanding and this may halt the relationship.

3. LACK OF VISION FOR MARRIAGE: When two individuals who are in a relationship don't understand the purpose for which they're in a relationship which obviously ahead of marriage, they will go out of the vision for their relationship and marriage ahead. So you should have a vision that is spelt out for marriage

4. THE PROPHETS COME INTO THE RELATIONSHIP: Most promising relationships ended on the note of a prophet said, most common one is that the partner will die early or that they will be poor in the marriage, some will even tell them that they see problems in the marriage. Even the relationship that seem to start on conviction fall of this. When God gives a word for your relationship or marriage it's important to stay on it even if a prophet gives a negative or a contrary word, see that as an opportunity to pray about that thing and not to end your relationship. God's word is higher than man.

Written by Tope Akinyele

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  1. Good evening!please how can one know God word about one relationship? I will be happy to receive answer to this because....... Thanks.


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