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Saturday, July 4, 2020



Tolerance is defined as the  ability to endure pain or hardship.The ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with. It  also mean forbearance or endurance, Patience, love, humility, wisdom and understanding works hand in hand with tolerance. So we need these and many more in the journey of tolerance
Tolerance is about creating a common ground for agreement
Tolerance as simple as it may sound is needed to live the present and for the walk/work  to eternal life

Need for tolerance
We need tolerance to be able to live the God kind of life. God specifically gave instructions on how to live because He knew we will need it. Lack of tolerance has being in existence right from the beginning of creation and it has so much increased in the last days. 

This act/behavior doesn't please God at all so,in  His wisdom he gave his children instructions on how to tolerate and live in peace.

Col.3:13 forbearing one another and forgiving one another if any man have a quarrel against another: even as Christ forgave you, so also do ye.

Tolerance is needed to live in peace with one another. Yes! It is expedient that we endure and overlook certain things. We are human with different thoughts, believes and behaviours and  If as a person you can't tolerate other people, there will be problem. You might end up being alone. 

We know it is difficult to live in peace with some people but let's see what the scripture says about it. I love how Good news translation puts it

Do everything possible on your part to live in peace with everybody.

Ephesians 4:1-3(KJV)
I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, beseech you to walk worthy of the calling with which you were called, with all lowliness and gentleness, with longsuffering, bearing with one another in love, endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace.

We need tolerance to live in peace with all men.
You can't enjoy life without tolerance
Tolerance (endurance, forbearance) is needed  to do God's work. 

The work of the Lord needs all the endurance and help one can get! This present world's gospel can't be preached and practiced without forbearance and its accomplice (mentioned above).

The Apostles of old walked this path and left footprints for us to follow
Paul by the wisdom and help of the Lord tolerated sinners just to win them to christ. Let's see one of his acts in 1cor.9;19-23(Living Bible)
And this has a real advantage: I am not bound to obey anyone just because he pays my salary; yet I have freely and happily become a servant of any and all so that I can win them to Christ.
 20 When I am with the Jews I seem as one of them so that they will listen to the Gospel and I can win them to Christ. When I am with Gentiles who follow Jewish customs and ceremonies I don’t argue, even though I don’t agree, because I want to help them.
 21 When with the heathen I agree with them as much as I can, except of course that I must always do what is right as a Christian. And so, by agreeing, I can win their confidence and help them too.
22 When I am with those whose consciences bother them easily, I don’t act as though I know it all and don’t say they are foolish; the result is that they are willing to let me help them. Yes, whatever a person is like, I try to find common ground with him so that he will let me tell him about Christ and let Christ save him.
23 I do this to get the Gospel to them and also for the blessing I myself receive when I see them come to Christ.

The need for tolerance to do God's work cannot be over emphasized!
As a minister ( pastor, choirister, teacher, head of department, worker, member) you cannot minster to others effectively if you don't have tolerance.
Tolerance is needed for a healthy and life giving relationship.

I'll be talking about different kinds of relationships here
Love relationship

Why do we have so many breakups?

Why do people say I can't take his/her shit?
Why do you think people often say this  proverb; whatever you can't accept when you are rich is rejected right from when you're poor
There is no way you can love without tolerance! True love comes with tolerance
Am I saying you should tolerate everything? No! There are certain things that can't be tolerated but can be dealt with with wisdom.

God wasn't unwise when He said we should submit unto one another in the fear of God(Eph5:21). You cannot submit if you are not ready to tolerate.
You need tolerance to be able to handle your differences
It is needed for a peaceful relationship with in-laws and your spouse's friends

Work relationship
I have seen people fail interviews because they lack tolerance! Employers value this attribute a lot because they know its a great tool for team work and productivity
Check out those people who don't tolerate others at work. They are loners!  No matter how good they are, they just won't fit in well.

As an employer or an employee you need to be able to endure a lot of things
Tolerate some of your boss' excesses
Tolerate some of your employee's malfunctions
Tolerate your teammates' excesses
Tolerate your junior staff's excesses and malfunctions
Just be patient and understanding enough to turn those ashes into beauty for a better outcome

Family and friend relationship
Tolerance is needed in a family for it to be a happy family
It is needed to help each other find their paths and grow. We all have different characters and paths to play  in life. Children of same parents are not the same and might not share the long aged family traits. We all have that unique one that behaves differently.

So how do we help each child?
It's through tolerating their uniqueness and nursing it to grow positively. Helping them find confidence to survive in a world filled with negativity
Only parents who are tolerant can raise children with same trait! They raise  Children with sound mind and healthy self esteem

Let's talk about the friend relationship
We all know how tolerance has helped grow our social life.
From my own finding, I realised it is easy for young folks to tolerate friends than anyone else
You see people of different temperament not giving up in each other despite the great difference
What's the advantage?
It helps build a healthy social life.
It creates a common ground for all round growth
Reduces negativity

Written by Deborah Olorunsola


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