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Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Honeymoon Guide

When you ask people what they think they know about the honeymoon, some will sincerely say they don't know, some will ignorantly say it's just to have sex and that's all. You see, as you make plans for your wedding event, it's important to make clear plans for your honeymoon as well.

You'd always think you know all about your partner but you may be wrong especially if you have not taken time to talk about some things that are important in your courtship. It  is your honeymoon that will reveal to you some things you don't know. Truth is, you can't know all about your partner, even in marriage you'll still know more and you'll learn more about your partner. 

The honeymoon was clearly shown in the scriptures that it should be for a year, where the husband and the wife are both not expected to go to work but to enjoy their honeymoon for one whole year and if the scriptures places such importance on honeymoon for it to be observed for a whole year, then there is more to it. But, of course in our days no company can give you one year. Even if you were the CEO of your company you wouldn't give yourself one whole year. You would be preoccupied with how your business would grow, thinking about your company when you ought to have all your mind on the honeymoon. 



The highest period a company or an organization can give you is three months, I don't even know of any company that can give you such period for your honeymoon, and believe me, whenever you are back, if you're a lady, the first thing they would think or look at is your belly, hoping that a life has been implanted already and developing. Some of your friends may even tease you about your honeymoon, especially on sex. They may say, " _How was the moon_ ?" " _Did you enjoy the moon?_ " " _I can see you enjoyed it._ " They may tease you and all you do is just smile. Some who may be close might even dare to ask you some intimate questions about your husband being good in bed or if your wife is good at sex. This is because they believe you are both friends and it's not a time to be angry with them, but just understand their intentions. They could just be pulling your legs while some could even mean those questions; just interested in knowing how things went during your honeymoon. The issue is, everyone thinks of sex being what the honeymoon is all about, but, it's more than that.

Emmanuel Agbeluyi has carefully given a guide to help you restructure your mind/understanding and prepare your heart towards what honeymoon is all about and I must say that this knowledge will open your eyes to see that honeymoon is beyond sex. People only take just a part of it and then give it to others making them think that is what honeymoon is all about. Would God place sex as the only essence of the honeymoon? This is why my friend has written this book to bring to you what you need to know about the honeymoon. Read and be blessed.                                            
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The Honeymoon Guide

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