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Sunday, July 26, 2020



 Knowing the differences
Good evening everyone. The topic before us tonight is Love and Infatuation.
Love and infatuation are quiet similar but not the same and its going to take somethings for you to be able to differentiate if what you feel is Love or infatuation.
 As a typical Ondo man, I can differentiate when a real pounded yam is served and when a cocoa yam is being served as one. So is a case of Love and infatuation.
Infatuation is a state of bring carried away by unreasoning passion. It occurs at the beginning of a relationship when sexual attraction is central, while Love is a feeling of intense affection for another.

Infatuation is temporary and goes away after a period of time. It is delusional and not real while Love is real and may continue throughout one’s lifetime.
What are the differences between love and infatuation?
Love develops gradually with time but infatuation occurs sharp sharp. U just start having butterflies in your belly once you see the person.
Love accepts the whole person, dirtiness, flaws, imperfections and all but infatuation flourishes on perfection.

Love is more than physical attraction. Infatuation focuses soly on the physical features.
Love survives arguments. Infatuation glosses over arguments.
Love improves your overall disposition but infatuation brings out Jealousy and obsessiveness.
Love is energizing but infatuation drains.
Lastly, love last a long time, it becomes deeper and powerful with time but infatuation is powerful but has a short life span.

So my brothers and Sisters, before we jump into any conclusion about marriage, lets ask ourselves and be sure if what we feel is Love or infatuation.
Dear brothers, don’t be carried away by her shape, curve, beauty, class, the way she talks, the way she carries herself, her mode of talking, her red lips abi na pink lips, her posture, her charisma, her spiritual prowess, speaking in tongues, her sweet voice etc.. cos ALL THOSE THINGS WILL FADE!

Dear Sister, don’t be carried away by his handsomeness, his money, gifts, stature, mode of dressing, mode of talking, hair-cut, sweet voice, spirituality, calmness, fairness, constant calls and texts, mid nght chats and all, cos ALL THOSE THINGS WILL FADE!
Above all, let us seek the originator of love, Our Lord JESUS to direct and to lead us through.
“Plenty talk no dey fill basket. Na brease dey carry am go.” I hope this helps.
And remember this “When true love comes, you don’t need any preparation for it”

Written by Olamide Olowo


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