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Wednesday, July 22, 2020



Every phase of life has both the physical and spiritual, of which the spiritual controls what happens in the physical. The spiritual is so powerful and vital that it's determines what the physical would be like.
This is because we are spiritual beings created by a supernatural Creator, God.
God himself is the spiritual cover we are talking about. His hands keeps us safe even as we go through the darkest periods of our lives.
Therefore we need a spiritual covering to sustain us as spiritual being, so that we can be complete and effective on the physical. So also this applies to our relationship, romantic relationship.

For you to have a smooth, sweet and happy relationship, God must be the center of the relationship and you must be able to hold hands together with your partner to surrender that relationship to the Creator of it and via bended knees uphold a spiritual covering over your relationship.

How do you and I uphold a spiritual covering over our individual relationship?

1. Prayer and God's: This is a very great weapon that works great wonders in every aspect of life (Luke 18:1; 1Thess.5:17). And studying the word is a way of knowing the mind of God concerning every issue. God also speak to us via his words.
Always put everything before the Lord in prayer. There are periods that comes in every relationship whereby things seem to be difficult and folks seems not to understand each other. You need prayer to uphold each other during this period. Prayer also helps to shun off the craftiness of the devil.
The devil never wants to see a growing relationship not to talk of it leading to marriage. This is because he knows that once the home is good and effective, the world would get it right and become a better place. That is why the devil is busy moving around to make sure relationships don't lead to marriage and marriages doesn't stand.
In prayer and the study of God's word cooperatively, God reveals deep truth and secret to us, and we therefore have an understanding of how to prepare ahead for whatever awaits us. You must always pray about your plans and vision together. Put God first.

2. Be Open-minded: As a Christian folk, you must have an open mind towards your partner and your relationship. Let your relationship be based on truth and openness, because the holy Spirit will not dwell in the midst of liars and deceivers. Let your communication with each other be effective, don't hide anything from each other.
Also, have an open mind towards the word of God for your life and relationship. Let go and let God through his words, build and nurture you to be able to uphold a spiritual covering over your relationship.
Let go of things that needed and take up things that are needed as well. Unlearn and relearn.

3. Trust: Lack of trust between you and your spouse is one of the strongest instrument the devil uses to set partners and relationships apart. The moment trust is off, that moment the spiritual covering over your relationship begins to go down. When partners don't trust each other, the devil sees it as an avenue to implant lies and terrible thought into the mind of each of them, hence resulting in to frequent misunderstanding and afterwards separation if vital steps are not taken on time.
Don't create a loop hole for the devil to ruin your relationship because of your insecurities and lack of trust.
If you suspect or sense anything, ask questions from your partner, rather than doubting and making unhealthy conclusions, thereby allowing the devil have access to your mind.

4. Self and Joint Evaluation: From time to time, try to evaluate yourselves individually and also together as partners. Find out areas in your relationship or personal life where you need to work on and those areas you've succeeded so far (2 Corinthians 3:5a). Praise, commend and scold each other where needed. Be real about it.

5. Flee Unrighteousness and Uphold Holiness: Galatians 5:16-26. Truly this may seem difficult to fulfill in a romantic relationship, but as children of God and children of light, we must try our best and ask for the help of the holy spirit to be able to uphold his righteousness, so that our relationship can be godly. We can't keep sinning and expect God to still give his covering over us (Romans 6:1).

God's hands of protection is always ready to be on you and over your relationship. All you need do is to reach out to that righteous hands with a heart of righteousness and let God always be the center of your relationship.
I pray that God's covering will not be taken off our lives and relationship. Amen.

Written by Temitope James

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