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Tuesday, July 28, 2020



Definition: Communication skills  are abilities  you use when giving and receiving  different  kind of information.
Being able to communicate  effectively  is perhaps  the most important of all life skills. It is what enables  us to pass information  to other people,  and to understand  what is said to us. You have to watch a baby  listen  intently to its mother and trying to repeat the sound that she makes to understand  how Fundamental  is the urge  to communicate.

Communication,  at its simplest is the act of transferring  information  from one place to another. It may be vocally ( using voice), written (using print)or digital  media such as books,magazines. (Website or emails), Visually ( using logos,maps,charts or graphs), or non verbal using body , gestures  and the tone and pitch or voice ) in practice  , it is often a combination  of several  of these " Communication  skills may take a life  time to master if indeed anyone  can ever claim to have mastered them.  There are however ,many things you can do to improve  your communication skills  and ensure that you are able to transmit and receive  information effectively.


Developing  your communication skills can help all aspects  of your life,  from your professional  life to social  gatherings and everything in between.
The ability  to communicate  information  accurately , clearly  and as intended  , is a vital life skill and something  that should not be overlooked. Its never too late to work on your communication  skills  and by so doing , you may as well find that you have improve your quality  of life. Communication  skills  are needed  in almost all aspects  of life.

Professionally,  if you are applying  for a job or looking  for a promotion with your current  employer,  you will almost certainly  need to demonstrate  good communication skills. Communication  skills  are needed  to speak appropriately  with a wide variety  of people  whilst maintaining  good  eye  contact,  demonstrate a varied vocabulary and tailor your language to your audience,  listen  effectively,  present your ideas appropriately,  write clearly  and concisely,  work well in a group. Many of these are essential  skills that most employers  seek. As your career  progresses,  the importance  of communication  skills increases,  the ability  to speak ,listen , question and write with clarity  and concise ness are essential  for most managers  and leaders. In your personal life, good communication  skills  can improve  your personal  relationships  by helping you to understand  others and to be understood. It is almost a cliche that personal  relationship need communication,  failure  to talk has been blamed for break down of many number of partnerships  and relationships,  but the ability  to listen  is also an important  element . Communication  is also vital in wider family  relationships  whether you want to discuss  arrangements  for holidays  or ensure that your teenage children are well and happy. Communication skills can also ensure that you are able to manage interactions  with Business and organisations. Over the course of your life time, you are likely  to have to interact  with a wide range of organisations  and institutions   including businesses, government offices, and schools. Good communication skills  can ease these interactions  and ensure  that you are able to get your point access calmly  and clearly and also take on board the responses. "Communication  is a two way process".

Communication  is not the same as broadcasting,  or simply  sending out information. It is a two-way process, in other words, it involves  both the sender and receive of the information.  It therefore  requires  both speaking and listening ,but also and perhaps  more crucially- developing a shared understanding of the information  be transmitted  and received.  If you are the sender of information  this means commun9 it clearly  to start with ( whether in writing  or face yo face) then ask questions  to check  your

Listener , understanding , you must also then listen to their replies,  and it necessary,  clarify further, if you are the recipient ,not means listening  carefully  to the information  , then checking that you have understood by refle9 back or asking questions  to endure that you both have the same understanding  of the  situation.  It is therefore an active process. There is nothing  passive about communication in either direction.

Good communication  skills  can improve  the way that you operate  through  life, smoothing your way in your relationships  with others. Poor  communication  skills  on the other  hand,  can sour relationships from Business  to personal , and make your life significantly  harder. Some people seems to understand  how to communicate  without eve6 trying .they are able to tailor their language,  tone and message  to their audience, and get their point across quickly  and succinctly  in a way that is heard . They are also able to pick up the message sent to them rapidly,understanding both what is said and what has to been said, Thus may seem effortless,  but the chances are that they have spent plenty  of time toning their skills.
Along the way, they have probably  also developed a good understanding  of themselves called (self-awareness) and habits of reflecting on success  and failure  and the actions  that have led  to one or the other.
Interpersonal communication skills: are the skills we use when engaged  in face to face communication  with one or more other people. Reflection  and clarification  are both common  techniques  used in verbal communication  to ensure that what you have heard and understood  is what was intended,  Reflection  is the process  of paraphrasing  and restating  what other person has just said to check that you have understood.

Clarification is the process of seeking more information to ascertain  your understanding.
Questioning skills are one very important  area of verbal communication , often used in clarification,  but also to extract  more information,  as a way to maintain  a conversation.
Listening  is also a vital interpersonal communication skill. Listening  is an essential  part of receiving information. When we communicate,  we spend 45% of out time listening.  Most people take listening  for granted ,but it is not the same  as hearing and should be thought  as a skill.

OTHER COMMUNICATION SKILLS: communication skills encompass far more than simple  verbal and non - verbal  communication,  even in a wide range of circumstances.
Presentation skills: many of us only  use presentation skills  infrequently, however,  there  will probably be times in your life, when you need to present  information to a group of people,  either in a formal or informal setting.  Presentations  are far more than simply standing up in front  of a screen  and talking your  way  through set of slides, They also include  the ability  to get your point across  in a meeting,  both small  and large, even  pitching your business idea to a potential investor.
Writing skills: Communication skills are not limited  to direct interaction with other people and the spoken word. The ability  to write clearly  and effectively  is also key to communication.  This set of skills should not be limited  to journalists  or professional authors  only. Poor written  communication  can be frustrating  for the reader and potentially  damaging  for the author .
Personal  skills  : are the skills that we use to maintain a healthy  body and mind, but they can also enhance  communication , eg improving your self esteem  and building your confidence  can help you feel more positive  about yourself and abilities.

Good communication  is also linked to assertiveness  or standing up for what you believe.  Communication  is a complex subject with many areas  and skills to consider.  Finally  being  able to communicate  effectively  is also a skill like any other.  It too ca  be learned, given time. Any  can make a start on improving  their communication  skills  at any time and the investment  of time and effort  is likely  to pay off rapidly.

Written by Sese Maureen

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  1. Hmmmm,what a great message.Poor communication has really affected so many home's,also the way we art to the words speaking at time is not proper at all. God will help us all in Jesus mighty name Amen.


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