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Friday, June 12, 2020


SOUL-TIE is the strong bond you have with someone and you are unwilling to let it go or you can not just help it to let go.

SOUL-TIE is a strong connection that has become more of an addiction that can hardly do without. It's the physical act of giving yourself to another person that makes you vulnerable to such a connection.

SOUL-TIE is a string that clutches dear to your soul that takes almost the first place in your soul and you're not willing to let anyone occupy.

SOUL-tie appears so unbreakable because of its addiction. Many people have endangered themselves with this issue of soul tie that can't get along with their partner.


People suffering from Soul-tie, no matter how satisfying their husband or wife is even in bed, they are not just satisfied because of the way their soul has been tied to that person.

Though it is generally believed that sex caused it but at times it is due to the fact that you have become so used to that person you are unwilling to let go.

But, our focus is on the parent. Talking about parents, I observe that this is quite sentimental at times as some parents, try to engage their children in words to get them do what they want.

For example, my mother raised us for some years as a single mother. She really sacrificed a lot for our lives. She once asked myself and my brother, "who will you love most between me and your wife?".
As  simple as the question is, it causes alot of problems for us growing up.
 Myself and my brother will sentimentally respond this way "mummy, of course it's you!" this was due to the fact that she pays our school fees.

But, as we grow up whenever she raises such a question, I will bluntly say "my wife!" because things were getting clearer to me. You may think this was a joke, as she will call some people in our home then and also engage them with such questions and some will say "their mother of course!"  and some will say "their wife!"

Maybe you have never taken time to ask yourself this simple but painful question, I tell you it is time to ask yourself and clearly give the answers to your parents but please use wisdom just in case they are still responsible for your livelihood. Parents cherish it when their children know they have suffered and sacrificed a lot for their sakes.

The truth is, you need to break away from parental soul tie. Let me explain it in another way. I have a friend who prefers her mother's vegetables soup and clearly told me that her mother's own is the best. He often say something like "my wife must know how to prepare it like my mother". This I count to be  shameful and disgraceful.

I heard a story of a guy who after being married. He still prefer taking his mother's meal. He's so used to it that, he will always branch at his mother's house to eat her meal. I tell you when the wife finds out, she will be so sad about it.

Guys, we need to wake up and break ourselves from this evil as I may call it. This is not to hate your mother, no! You just need to understand that your wife, as long as you're married is more important to you than your mother!

I know that hurts! Sorry! But, is true! The Bible never say to love your mother as your own body but to love your wife and cherish her as your own body.

When you grow up as a parent, you need to help your children to leave you when they are married. They should not bring their matters to your table. Let them become mature enough to handle their homes. Let them become mature enough to pray and ensure that they deal with all issues with their partners as they connect together to God in prayers.

The issue of soul tie has been for years and it is seen as one of the factors that affect the home, especially the one with the opposite sex. You have cases where sex is involved in this and often because of too much intimacy between them.

Soul tie is not necessarily a witchcraft thing as some religious folks may think. But, it is what you have allowed to gain the interest of the soul and has become more complicated that some can no longer handle.

It affects marriages because it draws the attention of the soul of the person more to you because of the soul tie issue and thereby cause a shipwreck for marriages.

It has made many men to sleep outside to enjoy another woman and it has made some women to just spend more time with another man that they have their soul tied to.

Divorced rate has also been on the increase due to this reason. It's the more reason some people prefer their ex to their current partner, as some may say "he's such a sweet man on bed, I can't resist him, he touches my G-spot excitingly" or you hear "she has the magic that get me in her hand!"

There are four major outstanding signs of soul tie

(a)  When you call the name of the person more than your partner:
Some even do it at the point of love making with their husband or wife. They will excitingly call the name of the guy or lady they have been fleeting with. Of course that's the end of the sex for that day.

(b) When you enjoy spending your time with the person more than your partner:
Truth is, when you're married or in a relationship you'll see some funny things like, a guy you have been praying for suddenly show up and better than your partner.

You may even meet a lady that meets all the criteria you want in a woman, the shape or figure and the intelligence and her tenacity. This makes you spend much time with the person than your partner.

You have long chat with the person than your partner. You'll ignore or just give a  weird chat to your partner for instance , scenario when your partner chats with you saying "how are you?". You  respond shot and sharp "fine" Then you continue your chat with the other person, 

(c) When you strongly wish you can still have the person again in your life:
This is one of the many problems people have with their ex. Not wanting to let go. They have a strong wish to have them back, most especially because of things they have once shared.

(d) When you compare or acknowledge the person than your partner:
When your compare someone you're too attached to with your partner, you need to watch it. Or when you acknowledge the person so much than your partner.

This things grow as we may not see them as early signs till we become so glue to such folks.

(a) Clearly let your parents know you love your partner than them
I know some people are afraid right now. But, I'll say, this is very important to your marriage than you may think of. Infact if possible make it known to your parents before you get married. It may not be verbally, but by how you cherish or carry her.

My mother clearly knows that I love my partner than her. She knows that I have distinctively created that gap. I have heard her say it that "I know you know your partner". You may not understand. I am The first child. We're two boys and she has been there for us for years.

But this does not mean I do not cherish or care for my mother. No! But, that place of my wife and my mother was just clearly shown to her. It's wrong for you to love your parents than your partner.

(b)  Be intentional about breaking the soul-tie:
This will never come easy. It's a gradual thing that needs to be intentional. Be intentional, by speaking to your mind not to get so attached to your parents than your partner.

Deliberately make conscious efforts to break away from your consistent attachments that may affect your marriage. Your parents should not be hated, should be valued but not above your partner. I know many people takes their mother's  serious than their partner.

They ignore their partner and then give place for their parents own. Please understand when your parent's counsel come to place. Make your partner to understand that his or her counsel is important to you but giving heed to your partner's counsel. You should be able to choose at a very serious decision that who to choose between your partner and your mother. 

Prayers is very important in this expect, as it may not be very easy to break away easily from what you have been used to, for more than twenty years.

Maturity in marriage demands you to leave your father and mother and be cleaved to your wife and also your your wife. 

Engage God in prayers and trust Him to help you become free.

Written by : Tope Akinyele

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