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Friday, June 12, 2020


How we answer a matter tells alot about our minds or our intentions. It's speaks volumes of the lot we still have and exposes even our unspoken thoughts.

Scriptures says soft answer turns away wrath I realize that one of the strategy my wife uses for me is this soft answer. She understands it.

I can even say she knows where it is in scriptures, though I know she live some things she doesn't know or haven't found in scriptures which at times I tell her.

When a matter arises and she know I might not easily give in to it. She will use a "soft answer" for me. Many times how to win a matter as the scripture says it's by this means.

Soft tongue or answers can break the heart of any man especially if you understand its use. Some singles want their parents to accept their partner.

But they are using hard answers. When their parents says "NO!" they will always give it back to them. You're not walking in wisdom by doing that.

Soft answer has a way of softening the heart of the recipient to give in to what you want. Of course I know some times the hard words win.

But not in all cases. The higher percentage of winning a matter is by using soft answers. Even scriptures says it can break the hard bones...

Maybe you'll need to use this skill and see it turn around your relationship with your parents, with your boss, with your partner and folks around you. 

Intentionally learn it, hard words makes people to get hard, soft words makes people to go soft with you. 

Written by :Tope Akinyele

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