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Monday, June 8, 2020



Successful Courtship relationship begins first from successful friendship and let me establish here that "because a relationship end in marriage doesn't make it successful"

Many relationships today end in marriage because they are known and just to cover their shame, some out of pity, some because they had numeral of histories together.

Now when people see folks like this, they will say such relationship is successful because they're able to endure or make it into marriage. This is why you find some of them struggling in their marriages.

This is not the kind of marriage that God intent for God's people. This is why I will say to have a successful relationship you need to first have or secure a successful friendship.

One thing I noticed from my relationship of six years, 5 months and 12days with my fiancee now my wife is that we're both friends. We have built a successful friendship and we're both committed to it.

Our communication with ourselves brought us even more to God. We both learn from our relationship that as we are giving ourselves to calling each other whereby we can't do without hearing our voices each day that's the way we should both live our lives that in a day we shouldn't do without hearing God's word or His voice.

Guys, there's no successful relationship without first securing a successful friendship and personal fellowship with God then securing a strong fellowship with your partner.

You will find out that your relationship with God will keep the relationship you have with your partner, both of you will then observe that as we love Jesus, our love for one another increased the more. We could both perceive the oil of God in our relationship. We could both feel how God is oiling our relationship everyday.

I remember I and My then fiancĂ©e now my wife  kept  expressing our love to one another in words saying stuffs like "Nkem, I am loving you more!" and this we noticed happened because we're loving God more. I tell you the truth for your relationship to be a successful relationship, you need to secure a relationship first with God and this is what you bring into marriage.

The truth is, without the foundation which is GOD there can't be a successful relationship. When friendship is not being built in your relationship you may not have a successful relationship or marriage.

In relationship, you need to be contented, truthfully you will see a lot of people that seems better than your spouse but if you tell yourself that I am contented, I love what God gave me then, there won't be any problem.

Communication is another area, but never hides anything from each other, talk about everything. This also helps relationship.
Give, it's good to give to one another, a hand that gives receives, no matter how little, ensure you give to one another.
Always give room for correction, when one of you offends, correct in love and also be quick to say 'I am sorry’, it solves a lot of issues.

About the Author: Tope Akinyele

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