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Friday, June 12, 2020


Relationship and marriage is all about understanding.
when a guy does not understands a lady and her frame it may be a whole lot of problems and also when a female does not also understands a male it may also be an issue. for example in the home the woman ensures some things are set,put in order and running, she may discover  a need in the home and inform her husband,thats how she is framed. But  on the side of the man,  after being informed he keeps it to mind and many times because of the way a man is framed, he won't say a thing about it but he's thinking logically and some praying about what the woman said and how to get it done, a woman could get angry at his silence. but that's not his fault, he is framed that way. 
Most of the times, the woman expects a quick response from the man but the man may just respond with a nod or say something like  "I have heard or I'll do something about it" , now because of the  woman's frame, she may not be totally satisfied with that and some women may oush further by  responding "how will you get it done my love?" now this is what your husband is processing in his mind and then asking him again will make him feel frustrated , he might consider it as an additional pressure and get mad,because to him he's trying to solve the problems and see the way through meanwhile as a woman, she's only  trying to help to see how that can be achieved. But it is wise if the man does not angrily replies but to just say "Let me sleep over it"

Then after some days or weeks the woman may feel what she has presented to you has been neglected, but she may not know that the man is thinking or doing something about it. Although some men may not do anything about such and it must be understood that when you don't give attention to issues brought to you by your wife, she may believe you're not having her in mind and this might krad to issues in your home. hence she it will be better to re assure her again by simply saying  "I am still on what we discussed the other day" this most of the time will assure her you still have her and her request in mind even though it is not met yet.

But when this is not done, don't be surprised your wife may bring it up again and please don't count it as "nagging" one thing I see about women is, they have the ability to help a man achieve a thing he may not be able to  achieve on his own. Most times, men are just fine and cool with almost everything and may not see a reason to progress but a woman have a way of structuring order in the life of a man and  he must understand this is how the woman is configured by God and  do not see it as nagging at all. Many women has through this divine  configuration pushed their husbands to get into so many achievements in life.

One of the ways a woman plays her role has "help meet and man's compliment" is to ensure she help meet some things in his life that being alone as a man he may not be able to achieve till he dies. There's that God imputed strength inside a woman to ensure that  man achieve his life goals. so a man  need to understand her woman, like wise the woman needs to understand her man also. 

For every man needs an extra push from their wives to achieve their purpose. I bet you may need to cry to the Lord if you're not getting such from your wife which of course I believe you should, don't see that push by your wife as trouble at all. Don't!

This also can be seen in courtship, how a lady will mostly be the one to remind her man of settling down in marriage, truth is some guys even when they have the money and all the needed to settling down for marriage they  will never give it a thought. 

I did some findings and discovered  that when a guy is with the right woman he takes him more time to settle down. 
There's this joy he just have in his heart that he just feel he's enjoying the relationship and that should be all for now.

most of the times nothing will change until the lady gives the man a push, they may never make progress in that relationship as to getting married and again when she speaks in this regard, the guy  may likely consider it as rushing, he may even assume the Woman is in a haste probably because her friends are getting married. 
The lady may then push further by asking when she will be  seeinghis parents. Of course when you hear this, just know that she's telling you to begin to prepare your mind for marriage as some guys won't even have it in mind to meet the lady's parents any time soon, some it is until the lady raises it up before they can think of it. 

This must be understood ,that, your partner is not talking about you seeing his parents doesn't mean he doesn't have interest in you, because that's how some ladies think often, though some guys are like that but in most cases some guys have not just delivered their minds from  leaving singlehood.  
 So when your lady is telling you about this, don't get angry, don't count it has been in a haste.

This is what I am saying, we must learn to respond to one another and then understand one another's need, especially the female sincerely they naturally have this ability to make things work than the males. They just give you a push into destiny but don't call her a "nagging woman" because she's only doing her part as the "help meet" yes I understand the part that a woman may become nagging but I must say this might have been a result of you not doing anything about what she said. But as a woman too learn to understand the construction of your man, male naturally keeps what a woman says to mind but in case yours procrastinates, please use wisdom to kindly remind him and help him out of that thing. We just need to understand one another to make our relationships and marriages work.

 I hope this bless you?


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