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Thursday, June 11, 2020



Have you wondered why some children never open up to their parents especially about their secret lives? You need to think about it.

For this reason, many parents have lost their children to the world and they engage in many secret things and  end up in prison.

Parenting takes wisdom and understanding. These two are things parents must never lack.

If you're not the parent that have interest in the errors of your children especially when they fall. They will never trust you
 to help them  rise. They will hide many things for you.

The first way to lose a child to the world is when you make room for condemnation than acceptance of your child's error.

Many children are far from their parents because of this reason, they will say "my dad will kill me!"

Kenneth E. Hagin told his son one day "don't be afraid to tell me anything even when you fornicate"

He was not waiting for his son to fornicate or have sex with anyone but he was telling him that "no matter what I wantto hear anything about you!"

You must secure first of all the ability to accept your children's error. Yes, I understand it's painful when you hear stuffs that your children do.

But, if you don't want to lose them, you need to build a friendship state with your children to the point that they can tell you anything.

When your child understands this, you have gained his ability not to do any immoral act. You have gain so much trust on his heart already.

As parents we must have enough absorbers that can take in our children's mistakes and then chastise them where necessary.

But, be careful that this do not drive them away. Give them a warm embrace back. Remember the prodigal son.

His father's word to the son when he came back home was not how he has sinned or blaming him for the cost of his life.

But, it was first a true picture of a long awaiting father and a quick acceptance of the son back into his house.

Your children need your acceptance when they fail and when they sin. Don't lose them to the world.

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