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Monday, June 8, 2020


God is committed to the marriage institution because it was established by Him and not man. God has His plan and purpose for marriage, and marriage done God’s way i.e. according to His will, attracts God’s promises and commitment.

God made a promise to Adam that He was going to make a help meet for Adam and He did as He said because in the will of God lies the commitment of God to bring to pass His promises. This story opened our eyes to see the involvement of God in the marriage process and How He commits Himself to anyone who will trust Him with the marriage process.
 There was a prophecy in Genesis 2:24 about “a man (Christ) shall leave his father (God) and mother (Holy Ghost) and shall cleave unto His wife (the Church) and they shall become one flesh"

These are figures that tells obviously of something natural to depict the supernatural and as the oneness which shall be in place because we know that "he that is joined to the Lord is ONE SPIRIT WITH HIM" and we need to understand that to every promise of God that looks traceable to the physical, there is an hidden agenda of heaven that reveals the hand of our spiritual realities in it.

Even though this needs some understanding and clear cut eyes of faith to be able to see beyond the promise made in the physical. This is what we see as demonstrated by the life of Abraham, who the Lord promised a son and then gave him the son and from there an instruction came to offer the son to God, which he received in a figure as Isaac was representing the Son of God.

I say that to say this, the joining of a man and a woman in marriage though looks physical has spiritual interpretation to it because it involves how Christ took up His bride, the Church and He gave Himself for her.

We understand by the injunction of God's word that the husband represents Christ and the wife represents the Church and a commandment was given as to how a man should love his wife. Knowing that a natural love is not enough unless it involves a "dying love" as we see that Jesus gave Himself for His bride, the Church.

This may not necessarily mean the husband should go to the cross, even though there are crosses he may need to carry for his wife but the husband should love his wife like Jesus loved the sinners. R. Kent Hughes said and I agree "loving your spouse is not to love her as a saint, but as a sinner" and Mason added to Hughes thought that "If we love her for her saintliness, we do not love her at all"

The love Christ have for us is not such that by natural order of love but it's supernatural love which will demand us from moving from being flesh to being spiritual. It will demand of us from moving from being a fallen man to being a quickened man. The responses in these two orders are different as the love we see around today is based on the fallen man kind of love.

For by the love Christ have on His Church by such He also purifies His Church, as we see that we're made cleansed by His word, so much so your wife should be cleansed, encourage and feel like moving forward with the words of your mouth.

Then again, we see how God places a work on the male by making him to understand that any man that loves His wife loves Himself. The prove of God's love to Himself is by Him loving us because we belong to His body and again He said a man should love his wife a his own body because no man hates his own body but rather cherish and nourish it.

We have today how we spend money to make our body smell good, to have a sweet cut on our hair, to keep our bodies clean and commendable by others if need be. As we're intentional about making our bodies sweet and cool and we care for our bodies to the nourishing and cherishing it, so also should we do to our wives.

The kind of love posed on the man, is to die to self for his wife. Jesus leaving the throne and coming to the earth was a show of death to self, His going to the cross and to die for His Church was a show of death to self, and to tell that this will not be an easy task for any man.

Even Jesus cried out to the One Who was able to save His soul from death when his death was near we also saw that He also repented of not going again, but quickly said "not My will". So also will this kind of love be hard for the man but by grace, it will be easy as we yield to the Lord.

To the wives, the first commandment is to submit to your own husband as the church to Christ. The emphasis is to "submit to your OWN husband" not to any man but to your own husband. Many times, we find the wives submitting to their bosses, other men, to their own Pastors than their husbands.

Dr. Myles Munroe who had one time sent a woman back home by writing her a letter for her husband saying "I am sorry for taking your wife away from you, I hereby sent her back to you" and the next Sunday the husband came to church, saying "I have not seen a man of God who did that before in my life time, that will make a man so important to his wife more than the Pastor" it's obvious how many women bow for their Pastors and never for their husbands.

Gbile Akanni who in his book "THE DIGNITY OF MANHOOD" returned money meant for church support by a woman to her because she never told her husband about it. He said to her that he won't collect the money unless she told her husband about the money she wanted to give to the church for church support. You see, we shouldn't make the women lose their priorities to their husbands, even though sometimes these are often caused by the women.

Your submission as a wife is first to your husband and he has all the right to your submission more than any man on the earth, as it also has God's blessing in it. You must understand that your submission to your own husband is observed by the Lord as the Lord beholds even your order in your home. Your prayers too can be hindered just as when your husband does not treat you right could hinder his own prayers too.

Our marriages should reflect the marriage between Christ and His Church and God is committed to make everything to ensure this come to pass even as we respond to God in our homes.

 Divorce does not reflect the Christ and His Church marriage, it always reflects that it is impossible, and when such happens we tell the world, it is impossible!

If the love found in our homes, is one that reflects the submission of the Godhead to one another, we see as how their love never dies as it abides forever, so also our love in our marriages will abide forever! The eyes of God rest in such homes that have this kind of love in it, for the Godhead will make their abode in such homes, as angels are not far such homes because they see it reflects Christ and His Church and anywhere Christ is, there is the hand of the Godhead and His angels.
 Keep reflecting the Lord in your homes.

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