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Friday, June 12, 2020


When love is blind... It can only be blind in while you're still dating... in marriage, a deliverance will occur that will make your eyes opened and that deliverance is the reality of marriage.

During Courtship, you may hide your true nature even the family members of your partner may deceive you by giving you warm welcome into their family and in marriage they'll show you their hot nature.

The reality of marriage is stronger as it will become a state where nothing about you will be hidden, everything must come to a state of nakedness.

Nakedness is the true identity of marriage. Scripture said that about Adam and Eve after that joining, nakedness was the next thing that was said. 

Nakedness means to bring a thing to a state of being exposed where nothing is hidden as there is no provision for this in a relationship. 

This is why blindness may seem true in a relationship but nakedness is the true nature of marriage. This nakedness is beyond sex, nakedness is higher... It's just the nature of marriage - nakedness. 

For you not to fall into this syndrome, you'll need to be sincere with yourself and don't deceive yourself in regard to the person you intend to marry. 

Open your eyes of understanding beyond emotions, check those areas of weakness if you can cope with it, is the person the type that has hope of changing. 

Now this can be tricky as emotions can make you feel the person will change. You will need to watch those attitudes that has become a nature then find a ground to solving those issues and sincerely see if you can cope with that in marriage. 

If you can not cope, it's better to leave the person, I repeat leave the person. God did not make provision that He has only one will for you. God has many sons and daughters but you're liable to one... Stay through as nakedness is coming as you enter marriage.

Written by : Tope Akinyele

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