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Friday, June 12, 2020


Friendship is a seed, relationship is the water and the sun on the seed, marriage is the fruit of the seed planted and water with the sun.

How your harvest will be is determined by that seed and how you plant it. Nurturing that seed is important.

You'll need to take care of some weeds around your seeds, that naturally they know how to grow effortlessly. Weeds are actually distractions.

Some times to make your seed grow you'll need to spend a conscious time to get them off your seed.

Weeds can make the effort you're having on your seed; the watering and the sunlight on your seed to be fruitless.

Yet while you do all to take away the weeds, you need to focus on watering your seed.

Yet, it's important to know what you should water your seed with: communication and intimacy are the right water for your seed.

Then, when this is done, you're sure when you're consistent, to get a bountiful harvest of all your efforts. To make your relationship work is to get into all these, then marriage will be sweet in your mouth.

Written by :  Tope Akinyele

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