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Friday, June 12, 2020



1. Your availability: Parents needs to be available for their children not just in money but in person, this many times some parents don't know that it help their children brains, who they reason, how they see life. They actually observe things through us. I was shocked when a child pointed to me that "I was partial to one child than the other" then I cautioned myself and then I ensure that I treated them equal. This is because when my child comes in view this may continue and now I need to place caution to myself and learn not one child than the other.

2. Learning to love equally: Now because a child is not doing well does not mean you should lose your attention on that child and then place the attention on the other child. We need to be careful in this part as parents and parents to be. Even Jesus said if He lost one of His sheep, it is wise to leave the 99 and go after the one that was lost. This is one of the skills also in parenting, we should learn to use that especially when a child is not performing well, we must create the more attention for that child, maybe he's not being receiving enough attention from you or you're focusing on the one doing well than the other one. Make your attention on each children to be equal and when you noticed one is not measuring up to the other, then give more attention to the other one yet they don't lose any of them.

3. Understand that care is not the same thing as money: This you'll hear many parents say "have I not shown you enough care by giving you money" this many times they do to their wives and also their children. Care is not the same as money, money have its own place and care also have its own place and should not be mistaken for the other. What many teachers or home lesson teachers give to your children is not money infact you even pay them for it, its care. They care for your children and the truth is, no one can do it better, just that maybe we're busy and cannot create the time for our children. But if only we can we will see how our children will improve not only in their academics but also in their children. Someone said "your children's character is more than their grades" which I agree it is seen in how we care for them and not just money we spend so that their grades can shoot up. We should endeavor to care for our children, especially mentally then this will help them spiritually and in all areas.

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