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Monday, June 8, 2020


Contented- dictionary meaning feeling or showing satisfaction with one's possession, status or situation. It can also mean to be pleased with something.

How to be contented  with your partner:
The scripture says "godliness with contentment is a great gain".
There is a great reward when you are satisfied with what you have, not to be overly jealous or too covetous over other people's property or other boos and baes
We have a lot of boos and baes that have different personalities..
 You don't expect everyone to be the same, We are created by God with our uniqueness... A can't be the same as B.. Likewise C.
So how can you be contented with your partner
1. Appreciate God and know that your partner is God gift
to you created to fill in the gaps in your life and also to make you better

2. Keep saying to yourself over and over again that I am satisfied, I will not be swayed away by whatever other people have that my partner does not have, we will both work on ourselves to be perfect for each other cause we are not born perfect... This creates a sense of awareness in us....

3. Pray always.. This is so important

4. Ensure effective communication with your partner, never assume for him/her.

5. Always be appreciative when one partner does something good, correct in love when someone does what is not really good.

Effects of Lack of contentment are:
1. Quarrel/fight/unpeaceful home
2. Destruction
3. Evil thoughts
4. Regrets

I will love to recommend this movie for us to watch.... It's a Tyler perry movie.. The marriage counselor....
I pray that the Lord will help us and keep our hearts alive in Him, He will help us to first of all appreciate and love whatever he gives to us cause whatever God gives is peaceful and blessed, we remain true and satisfied always...
 God bless you

Author: Fisayo Oluwafemi-Akinyele
Fisayo is a graduate of Economics from one of the Nigerian best University, she is a chef be profession and runs her own restaurant in Ondo state, Nigeria. She is into ministry and she has ministered to alot of Young people all around nigeria. she is one of the major speaker of  a Nigerian youth platforms "An evening with singles".  A youth seminar with more than three thousand attendees. you can follow her on facebook:Fisayo Akinyele.

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