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Wednesday, June 10, 2020


The following ways by which men frustrates their wives were gathered from the recent complains of wives who came for our just concluded counselling week. Men are advised to take a check and if you found yourself guilty of any of the following ways, do make adjustment and keep your wife happy.

Many men don't listen to their wives especially when they give them counsel. They just do their own thing and this can be frustrating to women. Some men prefer to hear from outsiders and not just outsiders but from another woman who they feel is wiser than their wives. This is mostly caused by over familiarity between husbands and wives. One of the great killer of marriage is when couples are too familiar with themselves.

Never be too familiar with your wife, see her newly everyday and you'll live to cherish her all your life. Some men don't listen to their wives because of ego, they feel they know it all. This is because by the make up of a man, a man is made to solve problems, so listening to their wives counsel becomes an issue. You shouldn't just hear to your wife, you should listen to her. Be a man that takes to your wife's counsel.

Your wife is not the porn star you have seen before, that you see a woman showing twenty-one(21) sexual positions within one minute doesn't mean you should force your wife to do the same. Many times sex are taken to the extreme by porn star. Never compare your wife to that woman you see on the TV or your ex, who gave you all the sexual positions from letter A to Z.

You must understand that growing to become a sex pro in marriage demands growth and it has to be gradual. You don't push it or force it on your woman and you don't force her to give you an acrobatic sexual position that a porn star gave a man. Even if you're like an expert, take your wife on a patient journey on sex and never drive her too hard that she gets frustrated or tired of having sex with you because you always compare her to a porn star.

Some men prefer to sing and shout loud the beauty of a woman on a radio program than to talk and appreciate their wives beauty and shape. They always see other women having what they just want in beauty and shape that their wives don't have.

They will appreciate other woman till she can feel the anointing of that word of affirmation on her heart but will never raise a word like that in their own wives and she needs it more because this is someone you have been married too for years. Some men will complain that their wives boobs is too big and having marks all over and that her beauty is fading away.

Well, you made her so by the reason of children she has for you that's why she's like that. You no longer spend on her, you forget that your wife is the reflection of who you are. Please understand that your wife will be seen first before they see you and how she appears tells the summary of the kind of man she married. Appreciate what you have before you lose it to what you can never have.

 Before you married your wife, I remember you use to call her "baby, angel, sweetheart" but now the names you call her, are names that frustrate her every time. You seem to have a new botanical name for her everyday, when she just offend you, you just call her one of those names from your archive.

So you call your wife a demon after you married her, who before marriage was an angel, then it's obvious you made her so. You have watched and turned your wife to a demon and I say how great is your work sir?

Adam was the one who named his wife and she became what Adam called her, to be truthful to you, your wife will become what you call her. Remember what Dr Myles Munroe said that "a woman is a multiplier, she multiplies whatever you give her. When you give her a house, she gives you a home, when you give her your love she gives you her heart, when you give her a sperm, she gives you a child and when you give her trouble, what will you get?" figure that out.

 to be continued....

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