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Sunday, June 14, 2020


So many times People become so afraid of feeling vulnerable and completely avoid dating . Every single one of us  as at one time felt this way, The truth is you can’t avoid it, and if you avoid moving close to anyone, you will be denying yourself the chance to ever being happy.

 I really understand what it’s like  cause i have been there. You meet someone that blew your mind, and instantly all your insecurities open up.

You do few hanging out and dates, the confidence flows easily, you begin to feel comfortable, trust begins to build up in you and you're loving everything he says, and when he kisses you goodbye, it feels so great. 
suddenly you discover you are liking this new guy and It feels great, but you feel vulnerable and you don’t like it.

something in  you feels You’ve finally found someone you would like to connect with, but then you worry they won’t feel the same way. 

i want to tell you It’s a natural feeling. We all want to be loved cause God created us to be, but you can’t avoid that natural primal desire in all of us.

You start to try and impress them so they csn feel the same way towards you. 

Instead of being yourself, you create this template of what you’re “supposed”  After all, if they don’t feel the same way, you’re going to be alone and devastated! 

All the dating “rules and regulations” out there won't help. Some experts say play it cool, hide your feelings, wait for him  to make a movez don't present yourself weak

Beloved, Don’t let your insecurities destroy  it all for you. One.of  the biggest mistake I see women make when they connect with a guy is they kill any feelings they have with fears and negative thoughts.

They start to play games, and follow rules based on nothing. They shut off emotionally to try to protect themselves from disappointment that may never come. 
Of course meeting someone new might be scary. You worry they won’t feel the same, and the thought of being hurt again fill up your mind. 

keep this in mind that you actually have nothing to lose but you have everything to gain by giving love a chance. 

Just jump in headfirst and see what happens. Don’t miss the magic. Falling in love is an amazing feeling. People see the difference in you, and you feel the difference in yourself. 

You spend your hours wondering what they’re doing, and if they’re thinking of you. When you meet a man you connect with, go for it. Enjoy the moment.

 Enjoy getting to know him. The first few weeks of a new relationship is so beautiful, new, and exciting. You’re connecting, and feeling all those warm sensations you have when you start to fall for someone. 

They’re feelings you can’t get back so enjoy them in the moment. If you like him, tell him. Don’t hold back. You can help each other through your fears, because guess what, he will be feeling the same vulnerability as you are.

 I absolutely guarantee it. 

Love is one of life’s free pleasures, so don’t let your fears of the unknown spoil your chance of happiness.

Give love a chance buddy....


  1. Thanks for this write up.these are words of encouragement.i love it.

    1. Glory to God, am so glad this blessed you. your feedback is so valuable.

  2. Thanks for this.......this is for me


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