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Thursday, June 25, 2020



I noticed that a lot people have not come to understand how to build a relationship that last. Especially how to get such relationship into marriage. This is really becoming a challenge especially in the times that we're in, that people hardly get a well definite and meaningful relationship to get into.

Today, you'll hardly see a relationship that can not escape sex. This is because people base sex to be love in a relationship and without it, the relationship may not make process. You'll agree with me that when building anything it demands time. It needs to be well planned and well constructed especially laying right foundation for the construction that will be placed on it.

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Let me say some things you need in building a relationship

1. Time and patience

Time and patience are vital in building a relationship that last. Don't expect to start a relationship today and expect that relationship to just be a your desired it. No, it doesn't work that way. You need time to build a relationship that will last. When time is not committed to a relationship, the whole investment that may be put into the relationship may collapse.

So the required ingredient for building a relationship is time and patience. It has a purpose, the purpose is, so that it will yield an expected result or above your expectation. This is because the person you're getting into a relationship with is not from your family. Even your siblings you can't boldly say you know all about them. So time and patience are important.

2. Knowledge, Understanding and Wisdom

Dr. Myles Munroe put these three this way that knowledge means information, understanding means comprehension and wisdom means application. So it's no enough to have the information of how to build a relationship that last but it's important to understand it and then apply it.

What's the essence of being an architect and you can't draw plans of a house and you can't e build a good one and you say you're a professional. So, Knowledge of building a relationship is not enough, even understanding it but applying the information that you have comprehended is vital for building a strong relationship that will last.

3. You need men...

I have not seen a single man that understands the importance of people that doesn't need men to build with him. You need men because you'll need right people who will give you right counsel a the accurate time.

Men who will seek to also help build your relationship with counsel that will move your relationship forward are vital. These men may come in terms of the books you read or your Pastors or friends. You need men.


1. Building on the foundation of friendship.

I wrote in my book that friendship must come before entering into a relationship and having relationship before friendship is to place the cart before the horse. Building friendship first before building relationship will help you come to a place where you and your partner connect.

Friendship last even beyond relationship and goes on forever in marriage. Building your relationship on the foundation of friendship is to have a strong foundation for your building

2. Building on a strong and effective communication.

Communication is vital in a relationship and when communication is not effective in a relationship then the relationship will be dying. Death comes to a relationship that lacks or is not effective in communication.

For communication to be effective, it has to be consistent. Consistent is saying one another's heart or mind. A mind or thief that is not expressed can not be easily discerned. When thoughts are not verbal, it brings various assumptions into the heart which may birth a wrong perception. Communicating your love one for another is vital and it has to be consist for it to be effective.

3. Build with trust.

If you know you don't trust someone you intend to be in a relationship with, there is no need to be in a relationship with such. A relationship that is not built on trust will crash. Trust is an effective block to build a relationship with in other have a good structure for marriage. To have a relationship that last, it's important to note that you must put in mind that you must make your relationship work. This same principle works for marriage.



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