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Saturday, June 20, 2020


Alot of women always wondered why tveir men aren't happy and always come back home with that frown look. but your man can be happy if only you know exactly what to do.
There are alot of things that could make your  man happy, and if yours is unhappy you might be denying him of something.
  In this post we discuss six out of the many.
1. That he married the right partner:
When a man finds the right partner, he give him a lot of joy and happiness and I mean especially when he finally married her. There is a level of joy we derive in  finding a thing and being the owner of that thing. Every man counts it joy when they own what they pursue or finds all this years.

2. When he sees his wife "fulfilling" the help meet that scriptures said about his wife:
It's not enough to find and marry the right partner but it is good when your wife is fulfilling that part as an help meet in your marriage. 
Help meet means, you as a man has something that your wife can help you on and then team up to help meet that purpose in your hand.

3. When the man finds that his wife can take responsibility alongside with him:
It gives a man joy when his wife can take responsibility just like him. A man should not take all the responsibility in the home alone. It makes a man happy when his wife can also take responsibility alongside with him. Forget the macho part of a man, he needs a wife that takes responsibility alongside with him and this gives men a lot of happiness.

 4. What makes a man happy is when is wife is happy:
When you make your wife happy as a man you're also happy. A happy wife makes a happy husband and a happy husband makes a happy wife. When a man sees that his wife is happy, he is also happy. Never put your wife in a state of sadness and if you do, try all to ask for her forgiveness and let the joy go on in your marriage.

5. Respect means to honour your husband:
Every man loves to see that their wives respect them. Not just by use of words but by honouring them. Honour in the heart of a man is like happiness that flows that never runs dry. A wife that give this to her husband, will also be honored.

6.  Makes a man happy is good food and good sex...
I intentionally placed this last and if you have not read the other ones and you jumped to this part, I will say you should go back to the other ones. Sex and food are the same. Good food will always help good sex. When a man eats good food at home, he may not have need to eat outside. Just the same way, when a man have good sex at home, he has no need to taste sex outside. Good food is good for the body, good sex is good for the body too.
You can study to find out more on the things that makes your Man happy but pay attention to the six  discussed above.

Kindly share with me those other ways you have being making your man happy in the comment box.

Tope Akinyele


  1. All these are right and I am blessed

  2. Very superb and educating sir. Keep it on sir.. More grace and unction sirs

  3. Nice Article to be read! May the Lord make us doers of his word in Jesus name Amen!

  4. Nice Article to be read! May the Lord make us doers of his word in Jesus name Amen!

  5. Always learning... These are awesome points


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