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Saturday, June 13, 2020



Many people have challenges in their marriages today because they don't do some things they ought to do. You can't carry the singlehood life into marriage life, you may wound your marriage.
 So here are five(5) essential things to do before you get married.
Leave your parent's house
You're not showing any form of responsibility by staying in your parent's house. Your parents shouldn't be the ones feeding you always, take responsibility. Even if this means you staying with a friend please do it. Most people staying with their parents have the fear of survival. Don't be afraid as a man you're fighter, and the truth is you'll survive. Let me end this note here that when you don't properly leave your parents, cleaving with your wife may NOT b easy.

Get a job or a business
Get a job that brings you something or a business that get your money daily. You need to learn what it means to make money. Don't just stay in your parents house and be eating around and finding out what they make each day. You'll frustrate your own life by doing so. 
Get a job that can feed you at least for now and then increase and prepare for something that will feed you and you wife ahead of marriage then as you're planning marriage make plans for the one that will feed your first child and I believe increase will come also because streams of income will now become necessary.

Don't give to your parents what you don't continue in marriage
Even if you have the money and your parents sees that something is coming into your hands they may want to drill you to get some. It's good to give to your parents but when it comes to a point where you're earning big they may expect 80% of your money to be spent on them.

It's good but understand that you'll soon marry and if they ask you for such amount as usual and you don't give them, they will cast the blames on your wife and that's how many husbands put their wives into trouble. The truth is, when the husband changes in marriage, people always blame the wife, meanwhile this may just be his own developmental changes. I think it seems natural to blame wives for the actions of their husbands which to me is not fair enough.

Budget your wedding
What is your budget for your wedding? This has to be clear and properly laid out so that you won't waste alot of money on this not necessary. Many times newly wedded always think some things are necessary meanwhile they're not. They spend so much on things that are not relevant than what they should spend money on. Truth is, your first ninety(90) days in marriage is very important and you need to plan and prepare for this. It can make you think "this was never the marriage I planned for"

Read books on marriage
I remember when I was preparing for marriage, in fact before getting to prepare I read over forty (40) books on marriage both ebooks and hard copies. I know that marriage is a school that demands me to read ahead. You'll need to read books to get you set for marriage, books on sex, books on pregnancy etc. These will help you see marriage beyond the way you'll see it. Many times these books gives a look into marriage as you're preparing to have your own home.
These are just five things considered to be essential for a man while he prepare for wedding. we will update you with more subsequently . so begin to work on the listed and prepare yourself for marriage.

God bless you.

Written by : Tope Akinyele


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